Firetube boiler

Double Flame-Tube</br>Output up to 41 t/h with light oil </br>Output up to 52.2 t/h with natural gas
Double Flame-Tube
Output up to 41 t/h with light oil
Output up to 52.2 t/h with natural gas
Single Flame-Tube</br>Output per boiler up to 35 ton/hr. </br>Operating pressure up to 24 bars
Single Flame-Tube
Output per boiler up to 35 ton/hr.
Operating pressure up to 24 bars

History means Experience 

The GETABEC Shell Boiler is the working horse in the Industry.It is designed and manufactured to the European Code for Shell Boiler EN12953. All our design has been approved by TÜV of Germany. GETABEC is using the time approved design under the license of SCHNEIDER KESSEL Berlin Germany. Experience an innovative design is the symbiosis which creates State of Art Boiler

GETABEC single and double furnace tube boilers are high efficient steam and hot water boilers for every application, in various designs with energy saving system and fully automatic operation without need of constant supervision. These boilers designed to the three pass, wet-back principles.


The water content can be quickly transformed into steam. Our boilers always have sufficient steam reserve, even during sudden peak demand period. Using gas, oil or dual fuel burner, the flame intensity is matched virtually instantly to the steam or hot water consumption, taking into account the fuel characteristic. Another positive factor is that a large furnace tube effectively reduces the
NOx emission.


The GETABEC Boiler can cope easily with peak and low demand periods for steam or hot water. The Boiler can produce saturated steam, superheated steam and high pressure hot water GETABEC not only supplies the boiler, but also the boiler house equipment such as Feedwater system from treatment, dearation to chemical dosing, Condensate Recovery system and boiler house piping.

GETABEC provides a complete package from planning, design, manufacturing to installation, commissioning to training of operators and maintenance crews.

GETABEC’s boiler can be combined with various burners for a varieties of fuel such as

  • Light and heavy oil
  • LPG and CNG

Todays requirements to reduce the carbon emission we also offer

  • Biogas Boilers
  • Biooil Boilers
  • This boiler type is also used as Waste Heat Recovery boiler

GETABEC today is capable to combine the boiler with a direct Solar-Energy Steam Generation together with our partner Industrial Solar. This innovative combination will combine your conventional power unit with a solar power unit.

High pressure steam generators
Single Flame-Tube

  • Output per boiler up to 35 ton/ hr.
  • Operating pressure up to 24 bars

High pressure steam generators
Double Flame-Tube

When single furnace boilers reach the limitation than GETABEC offers the double flame-tube Boiler. This boiler allows the design offers economic steam generation requiring a relatively small space for installation. The complete separation of the two combustion passes allows single flame tube operation. The flue gas flow of both burners are consequently separated starting at the furnace up to outlet chamber.

  • Output up to 41 t/h with light oil
  • Output up to 52.2 t/h with natural gas