Food and Beverage Industry

Cleaning, Cooking, Sterilization are some of the key processes, which need a high degree of steam with various temperatures and pressure.

The food industry plays a vital role in the world market. This large sector produces various products using different methods such as distillation, drying, and disinfection. The operations need to be considered and designed in a clean and hygienic environment. Most production of food factories works 24 hours per day with no stopping hour, which requires the high performance of instruments and high efficiency of machine support to produce stable steam with constant temperature and pressure.

How are boilers used in Food Industry?

Within large areas of the food industry, the use of steam can be broken down into numerous processes such as:

Meat product:

Steam for mashing, lautering, pressure cooking, roasting and hot smoking. Hot water for boiling, braising, cooking and steaming.
Hot oil for frying.

Dairy product:

Steam for pasteurizing, whey production, high-temperature processes, sterilizing, thermalization, and drying dairy powder.

Oils product:

Steam for drying and hardening.
Hot water for deodorizing, bleaching, de-gumming, steaming and pressing/extraction.

Canned product:

Steam for pasteurization and sterilization cans, containers and glass containers.
Hot water for boiling and cooking processes.

Sugar and starch product:

Steam for extraction, heating, evaporation, and crystallization, usually in conjunction with the CHP system (combined heat and power).

Confectionery product:

Steam for dehydration processes such as freeze-drying and spray drying.
Steam for oven baking processes such as roasting, tempering and conching.
Steam for processing of sugar mass.

Snack food Product, Pet food product:

Steam for sterilizing, preserving, extrusion and drying.
Hot water for boiling and cooking processes.

CIP systems :

The factories also need steam to apply with Cl P systems (Clean in place) and cleaning processes.

Beverage Industry overview

The beverage industry is a significant sector, which expands every year. This sector requires stable high­-temperature and high-quality steam generators with reliable and robust equipment. Most beverage factories operate in wide ranges of load and sometimes sudden changes due to their specific demand. Because of this behavior, the adjustable heat provision must be considered. Also, precise control and accurate monitoring are needed to prevent contamination in processes and products.

How are boilers used in Beverage Industry?

The use of steam in the beverage industry can be broken down into numerous processes. which we will categorize into two main categories:


Steam for industry of Coffee. Tea, sparkling and still water, fruit juices, soft drink and energy drink. Steam for heating method.
Steam for sterilizing, bottle washing and equipment cleaning applications.


Steam for Industry of wine and brewing beer.
Steam for wort boiling, filtering, pasteurizing and de-alcoholization.
Steam for flash/tunnel pasteurization, fermentation, distillation, sterilizing, bottling and cleaning,