Biomass Boiler

The schemata of a Stepgrate Biiomass Boiler
The schemata of a Stepgrate Biiomass Boiler
Two Stepgrate Biomass boiler during erection at site
Two Stepgrate Biomass boiler during erection at site
A compact Biomass Boiler
A compact Biomass Boiler

Invention drive the world

Today the idea of renewable energies has captured the world. Natural resources are diminishing and the price fluctuation of the fossil fuels has led to a higher usage of Biomass and Biogas for the generation of energy.  The global warming as the result of burning fossil fuels is pushing all of us to find alternative energy sources. Photovoltaic and wind turbines have established themself as good sources of electricity, but in the process industry we need steam and heat. For carbon neutral steam production the biomass boilers for solid fuels have proven to be effective and reliable. Different processes are used to burn the solid fuels. Our engineering team will evaluate the various parameters from availability of the biomass, the quality of the biomass on the fuel side, to efficiency, easy to operate, availability of spare parts,  maintenance and repair friendliness together with our clients to provide the best technology suitable to the project to our customer.  GETABEC’s Technology provides you with an alternative Energy sources. 

The capacity ranges from 1T Steam/hour to 100T Steam/hour .The basic design of GETABEC can be easily adopted to customers specification. This technology is able to convert nearly all kind of biomass and industrial waste in to energy.

Multi Solid Fuel Steam Boiler  - The Power of Nature

For Generations we have used solid fuels to generate energy. With the requirement to reach carbon neutrality we have to utilize renewable fuels, which do not release much more carbon dioxide, which they have captured through photosynthesis while growing. Today the energy generation biomass boilers is considered as a carbon-neutral energy source. It is not only be an environmental energy but it also turns waste into energy. Wood chips, ,waste from forests, yards, or farms but also special crops purely grown to for the processing to biomass.
Various technologies are on the market, which have pros and cons. Depending on the required steam output, the environmental conditions, the availability of the biomass the optimum technology has to be selected. Two technologies have have proven records and are used worldwide.
  • The Dynamic Step grate
  • The Circulating Fluidize Bed (CFB

It is important to analyze all impacts for the selection of process.

The Dynamic Step grate

The different characteristics of the biomass, the moisture contains, the heat value the size and other criteria will define the technology used. The GETABEC engineering team will help to select the right technology for your application.The dynamic step-grates are the new development coming from the chain grate design. The step grates and control the speed in various section and therefore have a higher fuel efficiency. The size of the fuel can be nearly 5-10times larger than for the CFB systems. The operation needs less attention and the maintenance cost is considerable lower than in other firing system.

  • Combustion grate for Biomass (multi -solid fuels)
  • Many application for combustion
  • High operation reliability
  • High efficiency 83%
  • Suitable for low quality fuel, fuel size 10-50mm
  • Allowed fuel moisture content 40%

GETABEC in Action A step grate boiler in operation (video)

Circulating Fluidize Bed (CFB)

The Circulating Fluidize Boiler technology is considered a environmental friendly method to burning of solid fuels. Large progress has been made to ensure a feasible and economical use of this technology. Today CFB Boilers are available up to a capacity of 650 MW. GETABEC with its cooperation partners have developed small to medium size boilers, largely used in the biomass application.

CFB boiler have pluses and minuses especially if we are looking at the lifetime of the boiler and the amount of attention required during operation. The fuel size is standardized between 5-10mm whereby the step grate can burn larger sizes.

  • Reduction in boiler size
  • Higher efficiency 85% , suit for Power Generation
  • Ability to burn low grade fuel , fuels size 5-10mm
  • Fuel moisture content should less than 30%
  • Low corrosion and Erosion

Biogas Boiler

Biogas boiler are available as fire-tube or water-tube boiler. During the design stage GETABEC will give special attention to the selection of materials, the burner and the refractory material. The GETABEC engineering team will consult the clients on the overall planning especially focusing on the explosion proof requirements.